About Trainer Tony

Hello there,

My name is Anthony Salvatore Vassallo or Trainer Tony.  I am the CEO/Head personal trainer at THE FITNESS ROOM. I have been exercising since 2002 and have been a certified personal trainer since 2010. Throughout my career, I have come across a wide variety of clientele with various goals and restrictions. Most people come to me for weight loss, strength, or functional training, but I have been blessed to work with everything from a 13 year old boy looking to build mass, agility, and strength for sports,  to a stroke victim, to someone with a frozen shoulder to a 65 year old woman who is overweight and looking to lose weight, but also build balance, flexibility, and strength. One of my biggest passions is helping people and I am able to use my experience and knowledge in the fitness field to accomplish this. I strive for greatness in everything I do and soon you will too.

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